Aging: a lovely thing maligned…

Aging...not such a bad thing. Really. The older I get, the greater power I seem to have to help the world; I am like a snowball -- the further I am rolled the more I gain. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

On The Legacy Of Aging

Among other things this is a critique of our pathologically youth oriented culture. It's very wonderful. Please watch. Aging is no accident, says Hillman: … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Aging gracefully: allowing the gray part 2

Close to a year ago I wrote a post entitled: Aging gracefully: allowing the gray. Since it's relatively short, I'm including it in full below before I make additional comments based on now having grown my gray hair!... So, mostly I've enjoyed this process this time around. But it sometimes gives me pause too. I wrote the little below blurb to share with girlfriends recently. Before I got sick I was still mistaken to be in my 20s pretty much routinely. The last time I got carded was the last time I was in a bar at age 42. … [click on title to read the rest]

Aging gracefully: allowing the gray

I am growing my gray hair in. I did this a couple of years ago, but it was by default. I wasn't well enough to wash my hair regularly, forget dyeing it. So when it was done growing out I was not only just able to start leaving my bed, I was GRAY...and I felt... Continue Reading →

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