Aspartame — serious stuff

If you google excitotoxin or aspartame poisoning you can find much much more on this toxic substance. Jazz at In Pieces traces her experiences with mania that led to a bogus bipolar diagnosis to consuming large quantities of diet soda. I've talked to others who have made this connection with their own "mood-disorders." From Jazz:... Continue Reading →

Good for Venezuela — Takes Coke Zero off the market

Hugo Chavez may be doing it for political reasons but Coke Zero is filled with all sorts of crap that is dangerous to your health. Of course Aspartame is all over the place including this drink, and is implicated in all sorts of chronic health problems, especially auto-immune diseases and mood problems. In any case... Continue Reading →

Jazz in Pieces Medication Madness

We have been very lucky here at Beyond Meds this week with two wonderful and totally different recovery stories. First was Steven Morgan's the other day. Today is Jazz's from Jazz in Pieces. Her blog is worth going back and reading the archives though she has not been writing recently, her insights remain there to... Continue Reading →

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