Trauma inducing medical care/general lack of support can exacerbate and/or cause post-partum depression

It's a tragedy that we traumatize and make mothers gravely ill as a result of how they are treated during what should be the most lovely and sacred moments of their lives. The blindness of the medical community is staggering. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

The violence of birth in modern medicine: often our first trauma

I'm sharing a wonderful short film with Laing narrating below. The dehumanization that happens during the birth of a baby to both mother and child has been compared to some of the traumas that happen in psychiatry too. The fact is a lot of medicine can be traumatic and coercive, both. To avoid birthing trauma for both mothers and our newborns we need to understand this and makes changes. I’ve often said we live in a culture of abuse. I’m not always explicit about what that means. Here is one glaring and mostly avoidable example of how we are out of touch with the nature of our being and impose abuse on ourselves and our children. Even the process of being brought into the world is often unnecessarily traumatic when it should be simply joyous. Birth with R.D. Laing (1978) … [click on title to read the rest]

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