Tobacco, addiction and healing

I never quit smoking and I don't smoke anymore. What I did was start mindfully smoking. I started to feel every bit of the smoking process -- both the deliciousness and the toxicity of the smoke as it entered my mouth,  into my lungs tingle in all my cells. I smoked every cigarette like it... Continue Reading →

Must read: Smoking while diagnosed mentally ill, testing thyroid and those who talk about serious issues are happier: Friday news and blogs

Smoking, neurodiversity, and pragmatism — Urocyon — Like Urocyon, I didn’t smoke until I got drugged up and prior to that I was grossly allergic to smoke. I actually vomited the only time I tried to smoke in high school. I started smoking once I was on a good dose of neuroleptics at age 27.Not entirely suprisingly,... Continue Reading →

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