Histamine, salicylates, oxalates sensitivities (food sensitivity in general, too): HEALING it all

Sensitivities to many different foods and substances, for me, have proven to be issues with poor methylation and therefore a non-existent capacity to detoxify naturally. I had 100s of radical hypersensitivities with foods that I no longer have at the height of the psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome. ...

Detoxification (which is really about balancing the internal ecosystem): healthy living for body/mind/spirit

We are, in large part, and among many other things, an expression of the ecosystem of our bodies which include bacteria, virus, fungi and other parasites. Successful "detoxification" is really largely about bringing these microorganisms and the rest of our being into balance since most of them cannot be gotten rid of entirely in any case. In many instances we don't want to get rid of them as in the right amount they serve a good function. We are all made up of these things in different ratios by design, really.

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