Histamine, salicylates, oxalates sensitivities (food sensitivity in general, too): HEALING it all

Sensitivities to many different foods and substances, for me, have proven to be issues with poor methylation and therefore a non-existent capacity to detoxify naturally. I had 100s of radical hypersensitivities with foods that I no longer have at the height of the psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome. ...

Food as medicine. Food sensitivities, too.

Food and diet has been critically important to my healing journey. Sensitivities are profound teachers that humble me again and again and teach me all manner of things about the nature of being human. I am finding more and more people who understand them in this way. What we are finding is that there is some spiritual significance in the very real (and sometimes potentially deadly) physical, biological and physiological reactions that so many people on the planet are experiencing with foods that used to be safe to eat. Of course there is also environmental significance to the phenomena. ...

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