What is it with this supreme idiocy?? It’s well documented that neuroleptics CAUSE metabolic syndromes and yet these medical journals aren’t calling a spade a spade

It seems almost conspiratorial. It’s certainly criminal. I posted on a piece from PsychCentral about a week ago talking about similar results while not mentioning that the drugs cause these problems.

I also posted a piece that clearly states these drugs are killing us here and that docs aren’t monitoring us. Now we see medical journals actively keeping docs in the dark about the cause of these “mysterious” metabolic issues in the “chronically mentally ill.” As if it’s the nature of our sick minds and not the drugs that give us metabolic issues.

NOT being explicit about these drugs CAUSING these problems is an egregious omission. And now it’s happening in Australia too and being spread all over the world in this article.

From Medical News Today we’ve got the “heads-up our asses report:”

Patients With Schizophrenia At Increased Risk Of Metabolic Syndrome

Patients suffering from schizophrenia and other severe mental illnesses are twice as likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome as the general population, according to the results of a recent study published in the Medical Journal of Australia in the article Prevalence of metabolic syndrome among Australians with severe mental illness.

To be diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, patients needed to have a combination of several specific criteria, such as high blood pressure, a high fasting blood sugar level and abdominal obesity. People with the metabolic syndrome are at increased risk of early coronary heart disease and death.

The study involved 203 patients with a mental illness requiring treatment with an antipsychotic medication seen at the mental health service in metropolitan Perth, Western Australia. It found that 54% of these patients had metabolic syndrome.

Lead author of the study, Dr Alexander John, said the high prevalence of metabolic syndrome in the group – almost double the prevalence of the Australian population - is worrying.

“Furthermore, the increasing prevalence was not confined to patients with schizophrenia, but occurred among those with a variety of other psychiatric disorders [including bipolar disorder].”

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Atypical antipsychotics double risk for cardiac arrest

This is all over the web. At least in my web world.

But if you haven’t caught it atypical antipsychotics double the risk of cardiac arrest.

I concur with Philip who reports on the study in the New England Journal of Medicine that revealed this here and says this in conclusion:

I swear the atypicals have turned out to be one of the biggest scams Big Pharma has ever pulled on Americans. They also represent a big black eye for psychiatry, which worked so hard to adopt their use and defended the drugs to the hilt.

“Powerful antipsychotic medicines are being used far too cavalierly in children”

So begins the first sentence in this NYTs article.

Powerful antipsychotic medicines are being used far too cavalierly in children, and federal drug regulators must do more to warn doctors of their substantial risks, a panel of federal drug experts said Tuesday.

More than 389,000 children and teenagers were treated last year with Risperdal, one of five popular medicines known as atypical antipsychotics. Of those patients, 240,000 were 12 or younger, according to data presented to the committee. In many cases, the drug was prescribed to treat attention deficit disorders.

But Risperdal is not approved for attention deficit problems, and its risks — which include substantial weight gain, metabolic disorders and muscular tics that can be permanent — are too profound to justify its use in treating such disorders, panel members said…

….From 1993 through the first three months of 2008, 1,207 children given Risperdal suffered serious problems, including 31 who died. Among the deaths was a 9-year-old with attention deficit problems who suffered a fatal stroke 12 days after starting therapy with Risperdal. (that’s just Risperdal folks!)

Of course the first thing I did after I saw this article was take a trip over to Furious Seasons who is on it. So read his commentary there. I can’t do it better and I feel like crap—my hormones are acting up again!! Need to rest easy.

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