Thank you

Alanis practicing gratefulness. Listening to this song is quite the lovely meditation. how bout getting off these antibiotics how bout stopping eating when I'm full up how bout them transparent dangling carrots how bout that ever elusive kudo thank you india thank you terror thank you disillusionment thank you frailty thank you consequence thank you thank you silence

More thoughts on being grateful

The theme continues: As Brother David Steindl-Rast says, whether one is religious or secular, it’s hard to argue against gratefulness. How much gratefulness we feel has little to do with whether life seems abundant or filled with hardship. On the contrary, it hinges on the degree to which we are prey to the delusion that we... Continue Reading →

Give thanks everyday (a thanksgiving day post)

Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday. Actually the only holiday I cared about at all. Certainly not because of history. The whole first thanksgiving story is rife with trauma, abuse and murder. I liked thanksgiving just because of what giving thanks means.

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