Heavy metal, gut bugs, the brain and profound healing

I'm doing heavy metal detox...intense. Rarely mention it because people don't understand how insane it is. I can feel metal leaving my brain. Metal hangs out in biofilms  with infectious agents...as this comes out so does decades & lifetimes--via ancestral lineage -- of emotional crap. Virtually no support during this process, really...not that I've found... Continue Reading →

Let your pain speak

Let your pain speak. Pain management is often necessary and grounded in kindness and mercy. Pain avoidance on the other hand will go too far. Learn to walk that line. The entire medical system, both for physical and mental health, is largely based on pain avoidance-it's not sustainable. We must feel to deeply heal. Fact... Continue Reading →

Advanced adventures in healing the gut: biofilm eradication

Having this information BEFORE coming off psych drugs might actually help one heal enough to not do as much damage in that process. I don't know this for certain but I intuit that it's likely. Healing the gut also helps heal the psyche in general for folks who've not started taking psych meds. This is something I know.

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