Newborn infants experience psychiatric drug withdrawal

This is something I posted before and I'm posting it again because it's really a deeply atrocious thing to consider. Imagine entering the world for the first time and being welcomed by agonizing drug withdrawal symptoms. An infant would have no way to intellectually interpret such hell. Believe me when adults have severe withdrawal issues, we don't have any way of intellectually interpreting such hell either. It's a nightmare. People like to dismiss infant experience as though it doesn't matter, but the more we learn about trauma and those who suffer from PTSD it becomes more and more clear that infant and childhood traumas do indeed effect the entire life of many individuals.

Letting babies “cry it out” — the first experience of abuse for many children

I've talked many times about our culture being one of abuse. So much so that many times we are not even aware of the harm being done. This is one of the many reasons "mental illness" is so incredibly difficult to get a handle on.

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