The Mask You Live In: boys and men are harmed in the patriarchy too

“Man-up!” “Stop crying!” “Pick yourself up!” Don’t be a pussy!” “Stop with the emotion!” “Don’t let anyone disrespect you.” "Bros before hoes.” “Get laid!” “Don’t let a woman run your life.” “Grow some balls!” “Man-Up!” These expressions are amongst the most damaging phrases we say to our young boys on a daily basis, according to a new hard-hitting documentary exploring American masculinity in society, Upworthy [3] reported. “The Mask You Live In” by The Representation Project [4] explains how the way we have constructed the idea of masculinity in the United States doesn’t give young boys a way to feel secure in their masculinity, so instead, they are forced to go out and prove it. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

What If He Cries?

By Rick Belden Each man is different, and will have different needs in different situations. He may, for example, have easier access to expressing his deeper emotions in response to the death of a beloved pet than he does in response to memories of being damaged and traumatized as a child. Women can use their intuition and their own felt sense, as well as their knowledge of the man and his history, to guide their actions in each case.… [click on title for the rest of the post]

Men and grief

By Rick Belden Grief is an inevitable part of every human life, regardless of gender. It is also one of the great isolating forces in the lives of men. Male grief is all too often invisible, misunderstood, and unwanted, which leaves many men in the difficult position of having to deal with their grief on their own, if they deal with it at all. … [click on title to read more]

The Great Porn Experiment

You know the concept of neuroplasticity?…it applies to EVERYTHING we do…habits of all kinds will change the brain. Good and bad. Choose your habits wisely and help our developing young people learn to choose wisely too. "Not that surprising: Brains of the first generation of young men that grew up with unlimited access to Internet pornography are different from older generations. Very surprising: Their bodies are fighting back in a bizarrely ironic fashion." … [click on title to read the rest]

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