Yoga: do it at home. You don’t have to start in the classroom!

I still have days where I'm too sick to move much at all. I need to be in bed most of the day and I'm really, really, sick. Almost like the flu's hard to explain but it's global and complete and still happens with some frequency. Anyway, what I find fascinating (and wonderful too) is that first, it moves through much faster than it used to, but secondly how as I come out of whatever it is my body is going through my body starts SCREAMING for yoga. I had to get up tonight in the middle of the night and do yoga. Twice now since I've been up. The process of mindful attendance of my body/mind/spirit now allows me to further move through and heal what had been stagnant toxic's a slow process but it's also clearly deeply intelligent and it's my animal body directing all of it...

You can start your meditation practice in baby steps

You can start your meditation practice in baby steps, like suggested in this short video. A short mindfulness practice: … [click on title for the rest of the post]

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