Trauma inducing medical care/general lack of support can exacerbate and/or cause post-partum depression

It's a tragedy that we traumatize and make mothers gravely ill as a result of how they are treated during what should be the most lovely and sacred moments of their lives. The blindness of the medical community is staggering. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Must read post of the day: a tender response to “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother”

I’m glad Faith underscored that forced psychiatric treatment is VIOLENCE. If people don’t understand the tragic irony inherent in that fact we will truly never resolve these issues. You cannot stop violence with violence. Sometimes it seems that we, as human beings, suffer from a lack of imagination. That most health providers don't know how to offer safer care when someone is in psychiatric crisis doesn't mean there safer ways of care do not exist. Rather than respond to the chaos and pain of those in psychiatric distress with fear and violence people can learn LOVE instead. Love de-escalates...I have seen it. I know it exists. I have in fact de-escalated severely psychotic and violent people (without the aid of drugging) on more than one occasion.

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