Gabapentin (neurontin) withdrawal

I withdrew from Neurontin many years ago and was on so many drugs I didn't even feel it. Some people do have horrible problems coming off Neurontin though. One of my readers found a very interesting article on Gabapentin withdrawal. Because it's not as often used anymore, (it was a drug du jour for a... Continue Reading →

The 39 psychotropic drugs I’ve taken

It's potentially dangerous to come off psychiatric drugs rapidly. For guidance in safer withdrawal methods see here. You think maybe something wasn’t quite right? This journey started the summer of 1985 and is about to end this summer of 2009. I have been withdrawing the past 5 years. Nothing ever did work and in retrospect... Continue Reading →

Mood-stabilizers get FDA suicide warning

This came up months ago but has been more seriously followed up on. As Philip says on Furious Seasons it's unclear if this is to be a "black box" warning yet, the most serious of warnings on pharmaceuticals. These are the "mood-stabilizers" that were first created as anti-convulsants. "The risk of suicidal thoughts or behavior... Continue Reading →

Suicidality now associated with antiepileptic drugs too

It's not just antidepressants anymore. And benzos are well known to cause depression too. Anti-seizure meds are commonly used as "mood stabilizers" in bipolar disorder. The FDA issued an alert today. Update: Furious Seasons now has good commentary on this issue.

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