First snow: stunning mixture of fall and winter colors

I went for a walk in the woods this morning. Our first snow is still falling. It was astonishingly beautiful. In this moment there is only perfection. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Fall photos: Appalachia is bursting with color and beauty

We went up to high altitudes today and caught some of the fall colors. It was beautiful and cold too. There was ice on the trees! That was a surprise. Today is the first cold day, but I certainly didn't expect freezing ice in the trees. Altitude changes everything. Anyway...just wanted to share. Fall is very special in this part of the world. Check out the slideshow! … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Thoughts about the change of seasons…fall is upon us, winter approaches

I'm loving the approaching fall this year!! The last several years I've dreaded the coming of winter...but not anymore...I embrace both the summer and winter of the planet and my own being too... Last the seasons changed at the same time of year I wrote this: I wonder why if one’s feelings changes with... Continue Reading →

The jungly memorial weekend walk I was blessed to be able to take…

I'm still often too sick to go out, but boy when I am able to -- I enjoy it more than I ever imagined possible. Seriously, I didn't know what joy was while I was on drugs, or at the very least I'd forgotten completely what it was. Nature is where I feel most deeply... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts from this morning

Musings from today: One can feel transient hate and anger without attachment or aversion and it dissipates as quickly as it rises...poof... If one watches ones feelings (in general) without attachment or aversion they just are and do not need to mean anything. They are passing weather. I wonder why if one's feelings changes with... Continue Reading →

My part of the world this fall (slide show full of fall color)

I started playing with my camera last year when all I could do was venture into the yard outside my house. Now I can on occasion leave the house. This is this years fall in the beautiful part of the world I live.

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