Ugh! The lets just add another drug for that pesky side-effect phenomena again!!

On Medical News Today the study they report on show using modafinil (Provigil) to help control that nasty weight-gain side effect. The other day I posted that it's been found that Provigil is ADDICTIVE just like the antipsychotics they want to add it onto. So once again we start adding on the drugs. And now... Continue Reading →

Addiction Risk Seen in Wakefulness Drug Provigil (and Ritalin)

Healthy people are starting to use stimulants to help them stay "alert." And lo and behold, studies are showing that they are addictive. It's time to wake up world! ALL psychotropics are addictive or if you're one of the hair-splitters, all psychotropics can lead to dependency and/or severe withdrawal issues. ALL OF THEM, stimulants, sedatives,... Continue Reading →

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