Audio now available — “Radical, Transformative Healing of Body/Mind/Spirit”

UPDATED “Radical, Transformative Healing of Body/Mind/Spirit” with Monica Cassani on WPVM-FM  LISTEN HERE (scroll down when you get there) This is happening tonight 7pm EST live...if you're in Asheville you can listen on the radio...otherwise you can listen via the website...if you don't catch it tonight it will replay once and also be available on the... Continue Reading →

Madness Radio: kickstarter campaign

Madness Radio needs your support! Please join the crowdsourcing funding effort on Kickstarter and support more Madness Radio episodes in 2013 and a Madness Radio book of interviews. Click here to join the Kickstarter campaign Madness Radio is hosted  by Beyond Meds editor Will Hall who has producing shows since 2005. This is Madness Radio's... Continue Reading →

“This I Believe”

The 1950s in booming, post-war America was a different time.  Maybe some of you were alive then – but for me that period is one of many historical eras (the fall of the Roman Empire, the French Revolution) that I have experienced only through textbooks and Hollywood representations.  And here’s the funny thing about history... Continue Reading →

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