Sweet potato falafel over salad greens #foodie friday

This is an old recipe I created (with some inspiration for others)  before I knew about my histamine intolerance so it's not good for anyone who is dealing with that issue! Some of the spices, the lemon, and the kefir (or yogurt) are all problematic if you have a histamine intolerance. I just looked for... Continue Reading →

Seaweed salad with sunflower seeds #foodie friday

Wakami can grow over 30 times it’s dehydrated size so it’s also very economical along with just plain delicious. I've made various salad/mixed veggie dishes and they've turned out very well. I'll share the recipe of one of them. Feel free to get creative and do variations as that I what I've been doing. These are amounts for 2 people eating a meal sized salad, so just add more if you're cooking for more. … [click on title to read the rest]

Roasted Beet Salad ( #foodie Friday)

This is a very easy and tasty salad. I used two large beets, but as you can see it's still a relatively small salad. Good for two to four servings depending on size. I don't generally feel inclined to pig out on beets even though I love them. I cut off the tops and the... Continue Reading →

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