S.A.D? (Seasonal Affective Disorder, depression) or might we be fighting nature?

I don't use the term depression for my experience,  but I do find that there is a big natural shift in winter that encourages going inward and slowing down. I have found for a long time now that moving away from the pathologizing of my experience has been a healthy move for me and many of the folks I advocate for.  ...

SPRING is in the air (and our psyches)

It's a shame we're not taught to contemplate the changes our bodies/minds/spirit go through with the change of seasons. It's been a source of some of my deepest revelations to note that I too am part of these cycles. So lovely! Not SAD (seasonal affective disorder) 🙂

I was happy to read Laura Kerr's new piece just as I was feeling spring approaching too. My entire being tingles with the change! I've made brief mention of the movement in the fall before. But spring, is, without doubt, more exciting. … [click on title to read the rest]

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