Sugar is, indeed, toxic: new studies tie it with increased rates of diabetes now too #foodie friday

This op-ed in the New York Times from a few days ago is perfect for today. Friday. Yes, foodie friday. It’s the Sugar, Folks Sugar is indeed toxic. It may not be the only problem with the Standard American Diet, but it’s fast becoming clear that it’s the major one. A study published in the Feb. 27 issue of the journal PLoS One links increased consumption of sugar with increased rates of diabetes by examining the data on sugar availability and the rate of diabetes in 175 countries over the past decade. And after accounting for many other factors, the researchers found that increased sugar in a population’s food supply was linked to higher diabetes rates independent of rates of obesity. (and lots more info on topic) … [click on title to read the rest]

SUGAR: infographic and general info

The New York Times a while back covered the toxicity of our favorite "food." Diet matters and it's about time the mainstream media starting attending to this fact. There are many things in the standard American diet that harm. Sugar is as good a place as any to start learning about this issue that we might start making moves towards improving the quality of food that we put into our bodies and thus heal our whole beings. (info and infographic included)

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