Recovery and nonviolence

Lovely, brilliant talk by Pat Deegan. Inspired by the Adam Lanza atrocity. In the wake of recent mass shootings, Pat Deegan reflects on recovery and nonviolence.

Research in child abuse/neglect shows that violent people are created, not born

The good news is as the brain can be damaged in childhood, our brains can also heal at any time in life. Our brains are neuroplastic and we can turn around the negative wiring of our childhood and become whole again. We need healers who know this too. Psychiatric drugs can actually perpetuate and worsen these problems rather than heal them if used indiscriminately as they often are.

The roots of violence (and mental illness too)

In keeping with yesterday’s post on spanking here is more about how what we do to our children (as well as what happened to us as children) shapes future generations in a negative fashion unless we become aware and heal and change.

Alice Miller was one of the first who identified these problems. Her books on the subject are classics for good reason.