About Yoga and the Vagus Nerve

Sometimes we refer to our instinctive wisdom as “gut feelings.” Maybe we don’t know why we feel the way we do or how we know the answer to a question. We just do. Some of us chalk it up to instinct or a sixth sense while others discount the phenomenon altogether. Could there be a scientific explanation? The answer may be the vagus nerve, a physical link to the mind-body connection. … [click on title to read and view more]

Yoga for calming (very simple poses can help greatly)

Many of us who have withdrawn from either benzodiazepines or SSRI antidepressants, both, have to deal with heart palpitations and other often quite distressing heart symptoms as an iatrogenic injury that accompanies withdrawal syndrome. I noticed early on that for my trauma and psychiatric drug withdrawal induced tachycardia that yoga really helped minimize its horrors. It's not a cure all but it sure as heck helps one get through when things are rough as well as perhaps creating a foundation for long-term healing. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Yoga: Hormones/Endocrine System

I just did this yoga video and enjoyed it so much I thought I'd share it with my readers this morning. I really enjoyed this teacher. Today was the first time I found her. She has a lot more on youtube. I'll be checking out more of her videos. I really liked this very gentle but clearly powerful yoga session. It's also highly educational. Please feel free to modify further than the teacher suggests by stopping if your body feels taxed at any point in time. While this is a very gentle practice, I still needed to cut short some of the asanas as I am still recovering from long term illness. It's important to pay attention to your body. My whole body is incredibly energized having just done this session. These seemingly simple moves are profoundly powerful. Do them mindfully and pay attention to how your whole body is feeling while you breathe. … [click on title to read more]

Yoga for bedtime

I like this idea of doing yoga in bed, I think this might help some people start stretching a bit right from bed, which is where I started my yoga practice when I began rehabbing from having been bedridden for 2 years. I had no choice at the time, perhaps that is why I now really prefer the floor. What joy that I can get up and down from the floor now! … [click on title for the rest of the post]

About Yoga and the Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve literally activates the parasympathetic nervous system – the mechanism that controls involuntary actions and affects mood. Doctors sometimes implant vagus nerve stimulators into patients with treatment-resistant depression, but a Yoga practice can produce some of the same effects.. … [click on title to read the rest]

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