Dear psychiatrist:

A while ago I sent my psychiatrist another email in a string of most likely futile communications. He never responded to that note. And if you read it's content I suppose it's not surprising. We've been communicating infrequently, mostly with my sending him pertinent bits of information as I am moved to do so for... Continue Reading →

Online support for psychiatric drug withdrawal

Support is vitally important in the process of withdrawal. Often one of the best places for information and support is online as there are rarely people in our lives who truly understand what we are undertaking. It’s important to have people supporting you at home too and ultimately better if you can manage that. The best case scenario is to have both, along with professionals that also support you. I never found professionals who really knew what to do, but I did find wonderful people who cooperated with me and learned with me about the whole process. That is often the best one can do. It’s critical that the professionals you work with are willing to listen to your particular experience.

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