Pray, cry, scream, kick, write, whatever it takes, do not be silent, let it out. (a story of recovery)

Zoe is a friend I made on a benzo board. Online support is generally a crucial part of this journey. For direction in how to find such support see this post. There is a great spectrum of recovery time that varies from individual to individual. Every story I can share here helps people find others... Continue Reading →

Toad – by Mary Oliver

Toad I was walking by. He was sitting there. It was full morning, so the heat was heavy on his sand-colored head and his webbed feet. I squatted beside him, at the edge of the path. He didn't move. I began to talk. I talked about summer, and about time. The pleasures of eating, the... Continue Reading →

Invisible Paths

Found this article a useful metaphor for a life's journey. Just sharing. The opening paragraphs are here: Invisible Paths -- by Charles Eisenstein "You are here because you know something. You don't know what it is, but you can feel it. Something is wrong with the world." -- Morpheus, The Matrix As the age turns,... Continue Reading →

Complex PTSD

The first half of this post is my own observations of experiencing what is essentially iatrogenic PTSD. The second half is a brilliant article on PTSD in general.  My neuropsych doctor confirmed what was in this post about my own iatrogenic experience in another post. Granted I have other more bodily related issues too, but... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday. Actually the only holiday I cared about at all. Certainly not because of history. The whole first thanksgiving story is rife with trauma, abuse and murder. I liked thanksgiving just because of what giving thanks means. These days I don't do holidays. I'm not able to spend time with... Continue Reading →

Susan in hospital for kidney failure due to LITHIUM TOXICITY asks for prayers

I just spoke very briefly with Susan Schechter author of If You're Going Through Hell Keep Going. I was alerted to her condition by Fiddy of Seroxat Sufferers. Lithium quite frequently causes this sort of kidney failure and it can kill people. Susan is now resting and on morphine. I'm not clear on how serious... Continue Reading →

A brief note to my readers

I turned off comments and also made email contact with me difficult a couple of years ago as I got too sick to continue at the pace I was going. I continue to need this time to heal. Some of you still manage to write me through various means. I want you to know that... Continue Reading →

Nine months ago today I completed my six year plus withdrawal from six psychiatric meds

For whatever it's worth I feel like noting it. A friend of mine mentioned that it's the span of time in which the human is created and is born. Nice sentiment. Among those of us with serious iatrogenisis the 18 month mark is often noted as when people start to function again. For some it... Continue Reading →

Dear psychiatrist part two: benzos and brain damage

Update 2016: Someone called my attention to this post today so I gave it a look and thought I'd share and make a few comments. First of all THE BRAIN HEALS and we can and do get better. I've gotten better and I continue to heal. So, it's important to know that yes, the brain does get injured and it's also important to know that we really do heal.

Gut health for mental health – new tab at top of page

This is to notify readers there is a new tab at top of page with links to info I've posted through the years about gut health. Gut / intestinal health is foundational to all health including mental well-being. It's the first thing attended to when I chose to come off psychiatric drugs. In healing my... Continue Reading →

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