A tale about the inside: violent human rights violations from a typical stay in an American psych ward

Editor's note (Monica Cassani): oddly enough, I too had a brief stay in Ridgeview 15 years ago in which much the same abuse played out. I also entered voluntarily and 5 hours later I asked to leave and they wouldn't let me go at which point it became a forced incarceration, just like it did... Continue Reading →

yahoo lifestyle interviewed me in April 2018 — the article is up today… (In recovery — from antidepressants)

I did emphasize the fact that all psych meds have withdrawal issues. Unfortunately this article, like most that hit the mainstream don't do much to acknowledge that reality. Still, it's always good to see coverage of this sort out there.  Laura Delano and Kelly Brogan are also quoted. Yay, us. We've all been at this for a long time and it's good to see our work being recognized. 

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