Tobacco, addiction and healing

I never quit smoking and I don't smoke anymore. What I did was start mindfully smoking. I started to feel every bit of the smoking process -- both the deliciousness and the toxicity of the smoke as it entered my mouth,  into my lungs tingle in all my cells. I smoked every cigarette like it... Continue Reading →

All there is, is nature. To nature I surrender.

All there is, is nature. To nature I surrender. *** Sometimes being overwhelmed is the only way through. *** We're all profoundly unique and complex and it's really, just the lack of understanding that fact alone, that makes western medicine so dangerous for the sensitive among us. We must be met as individuals and not... Continue Reading →

yoga teacher training. a long time coming

Yoga saved me. Literally resurrected me out of my bed when I was totally atrophied. I could barely make it to the toilet. I didn't leave my house for a couple of years. I started yoga by sticking a leg up in the air and rotating my ankle. Then my arm and rotating my wrist. Just that for some time, actually. Slowly, slowly I did those little bits of one or two minutes of yoga, here or there, wherever I was laying down, until I could do it while I was sitting...then sitting on a mat...and slowly slowly, I did more and's taken YEARS of being totally proactive.

Suicide prevention: thinking outside the box

Posts on healing methods of engaging with suicidal thoughts and feelings:  such thoughts and feelings are normal and need to be engaged safely if we hope to work with them. Locking people up and drugging them for feeling despair isn't the way to go.  GO HERE  for ideas to consider when facing the dark emotions. Let... Continue Reading →

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