All there is, is nature. To nature I surrender.

All there is, is nature. To nature I surrender.


Sometimes being overwhelmed is the only way through.


We’re all profoundly unique and complex and it’s really, just the lack of understanding that fact alone, that makes western medicine so dangerous for the sensitive among us. We must be met as individuals and not all of us be treated with the same pharmaceutical hammer.  (Iatrogenic *medical* injury)


One need not believe anything at all and in fact belief will mess you up. Faith, however:

“faith means being grasped by a power that is greater than we are, a power that shakes us and turns us, and transforms us and heals us. Surrender to this power is faith”- Paul Tillich

Holding on to beliefs limits our experience of life


Commit plant medicine.

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My body is my rosary…
My body is my meditation…
My body is my vehicle…
My body is my religion…
My body is nature…
My body IS

(The body knows)


once the blamelessness of everyone becomes clear, forgiveness is just a matter of course. The nervous system and emotions take a bit to follow suit with the obvious.

If there is nothing to forgive in the first place there is no need to ever judge either…


All medical diagnosis intrudes upon the mystery that is the living body/mind. Diagnosis is a request for stagnation. Naming is concretizing.

(on diagnosis)


There are no safe spaces

Calling the therapeutic space that you hold safe is misleading. It may be safe for most of the people who show up but there will always be people for whom you cannot hold space. The people on the fringes are the ones who are repeatedly traumatized.

Safety is an illusion in any case. Always. As is danger, for that matter.

Let’s be explicit about our limits that others may have a chance to stay safe. Thank you.


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