Alison Hymes, “Psychiatric Patient” is Discovered to have a Brain Aneurysm, Psychiatrists say She Won’t be Treated for it

Alison has now been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. All of the "psychiatric symptoms" she has been suffering are actually symptoms of this aneurysm. If an aneurysm bursts, it will cause a stroke. And all of the psychiatric drugs being given to Alison at Western State increase the risk of stroke.

In remembrance of Esmin Green

The Opal Project has asked that you share this with your networks. On June 19, 2010 it will be two years since Esmin Green was murdered-by-neglect at Kings County Hospital Center Psychiatric Emergency Room. 2 YEARS AFTER ESMIN GREEN’S MURDER, WHAT HAS CHANGED? NEWS REPORTS: ABUSE CONTINUES. STILL OUTRAGED? JOIN US! JUNE 18, 2010 5... Continue Reading →

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