Alison Hymes, “Psychiatric Patient” is Discovered to have a Brain Aneurysm, Psychiatrists say She Won’t be Treated for it


A while back, I posted about Alison Hymes’ situation here. Unfortunately, she has fallen back into the hands of psychiatrists, specifically Western State Hospital, in Staunton, Virginia, where she has been held since August.

Alison has now been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. All of the “psychiatric symptoms” she has been suffering are actually symptoms of this aneurysm. If an aneurysm bursts, it will cause a stroke. And all of the psychiatric drugs being given to Alison at Western State increase the risk of stroke.

To make matters worse, Alison does not have control over her medical decisions, so doctors will not discuss medical issues with her. She has, however, been told that her aneurysm will not be treated. That is fairly typical – generally, the medical needs of people with psychiatric disabilities are not addressed in psychiatric hospitals.

This matter is urgent, and this is how the psychiatrized are killed, and die 25 years earlier on average than their peers without mental illness labels as they are routinely discriminated against.

We need everyone to

  • **Call the Western State Hospital Administrator, Dr. Jack Barber, at 540-332-8000. That is the switchboard for Western State.
  • **Ask for Jack Barber’s office. Leave a message with his secretary if he is not available.
  • **Demand to know why Alison’s very real medical brain disease (the aneurysm) is not being dealt with. Tell him we are watching, and we won’t stand for this.

This action takes literally 3 minutes, and it could save a life. This could happen to you. EVERYONE is at risk.

Please circulate this freely.

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