3rd leading cause of death: WESTERN MEDICINE

And in these statistics lie the many thousands of folks suffering from disabilities brought on by psych meds. The denial continues nonetheless…

From NEW SCIENTIST and article from a few days ago:

WHAT is the third leading cause of death in the developed world? Given that cancer and heart disease top the list, you might hazard a guess at diabetes, stroke or car accidents. You’d be wrong. The answer is “iatrogenic” deaths – those caused by medical errors, adverse drug reactions or hospital-acquired infections. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

The accidental addict –documentary: benzodiazepines in the news

The Accidental Addict (NZ news magazine) Assignment programme from 1995 dealing with the issue of iatrogenic benzodiazepine dependence. This is a 15 year old documentary. Why in hell are doctors still handing this crap out like candy? This phenomena of severe benzodiazepine withdrawal and post-withdrawal syndrome has been known about for two decades at least! The […]

Report your adverse drug reactions

Only between %1 and 10% of adverse drug effects are reported to the FDA. Here’s the website where reports can be made easily online. Click here for MedWatch Online Voluntary Reporting Form (3500)

Adverse reaction to antidepressants often lead to additional diagnosis

Today Philip highlights this phenomena which has been mentioned many times on this blog as well. His closing statements on a story well worth reading: Instead of long-term anti-depressant use leading to health problems and physical dependence (or addiction, if you prefer), it’s now leading to people being re-diagnosed with another disorder. I’ve been deeply […]