Aromatherapy is being scientifically studied

I've been experimenting with essential oils and having rather wonderful results. I have now used three different blends that help with several issues ranging from getting to sleep to relieving pain. They're rather astonishing, gentle, lovely and healing. I'm excerpting a bit from an article and then sharing other info I've shared before on Beyond... Continue Reading →

Medical Aromatherapy

Medical Aromatherapy as Integrative Healthcare There are very many health benefits to be gained with the implementation of essential oils from plants into the management of medical diseases. Current medical journal articles and abstracts are discussed

Lavendar really is calming

Psychology Today, in general, as a publication, supports psychiatry without question and generally irritates the hell out of me with it's unequivocal acceptance of pharmacology as applied to mental distress. Today though they go out on what is a limb for them when they talk about studies that indicate aromatherapy can indeed be helpful. Generally... Continue Reading →

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