Healing from Psychiatry: An Artist’s Perspective

Alison is right her situation is not unique, I too was struck in similar fashion and have corresponded now with thousands of others who have been too. I too found many different artistic forms of expression to be a critical part of transforming my experience and healing. This is a very informative video and Alison's project also strikes me as deeply inspired. … [click on title to read and view more]

Ode to a flower

Richard Feynman’s friend should have known better than to bait the scientist — yet Feynman’s response proves the point: an understanding of the flower’s cellular structure, its evolution, and the evolutionary function of its beauty are all steps away from the experience of beholding a flower’s beauty. When Feynman says he might not be “quite as refined aesthetically” as his friend, he’s marginalizing the value of perception, yet a flower is irreducibly an object of perception.

There is some deep internal intelligence…which has it’s own natural wellspring…try to touch the rim of that

Originality is irrelevant. . .There is some deep internal intelligence, some almost non-verbal narrative which nourishes us–which has it’s own natural wellspring. . . try to touch the rim of that.

Isolation and stigma in the art of Craig Hawkins

Stumbled across this series of paintings by the young artist Craig Hawkins the other day.  Beyond the stated themes of the series, I think they speak very well to madness, stigma, and dehumanization. His description of his work: A series that seeks to question the way we hide. Dealing with isolation, and compartmentalizing. What feels safe... Continue Reading →

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