Positives About Withdrawal

This is an excerpt from Benzo-Wise: A recovery companion -- by Baylissa Frederick who operates the website Recovery Road that has many resources for successful withdrawal and recovery from benzos. Baylissa is one of my greatest inspirations and has written other inspiring and healing posts on this blog too. It is good to keep remembering... Continue Reading →

The accidental addict –documentary: benzodiazepines in the news

The Accidental Addict (NZ news magazine) Assignment programme from 1995 dealing with the issue of iatrogenic benzodiazepine dependence. This is a 15 year old documentary. Why in hell are doctors still handing this crap out like candy? This phenomena of severe benzodiazepine withdrawal and post-withdrawal syndrome has been known about for two decades at least! The... Continue Reading →

Robert Whitaker interviewed by Mercola — the whole audio interview in 7 parts

This is the whole playlist from start to finish. I posted a small snippet of the whole thing the other day. This video will say part one, but it will go on to play the whole interview. It’s not automatically playing as I thought so I’ll be adding the other videos now. Don't miss the... Continue Reading →

Benzodiazepine Recovery Tips

Clearly, I'm reading and posting all these articles on benzodiazepines because I'm coping with the following issues with a post withdrawal syndrome. It's a syndrome that can go on for many months and in some cases years. It's much easier at this point in the journey to print the words of others who have gone... Continue Reading →

The Revival of the Market for Benzodiazepines — By Robert Whitaker,

This is a piece by Robert Whitaker that was written for the benzo community and published by a friend of mine in this newsletter on a benzo withdrawal support website. I received permission to reprint it here. One of the topics Whitaker's new book Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise... Continue Reading →

A recovery from benzos–into severe benzo illness and out

This is taken from a post on a benzo board I go to for information and these days for hope that I will make it through this phase of acute post-withdrawal. I got permission to repost this here. Hello everyone, Over 14 months ago I took my last bit of Klonopin, after what essentially amounted... Continue Reading →

Biopsychiatry: a critique

As a practicing psychiatrist, I have watched with growing dismay and outrage the rise and triumph of the hegemony known as biologic psychiatry. Within the general field of modern psychiatry, biologism now completely dominates the discourse on the causes and treatment of mental illness, and in my view this has been a catastrophe with far-reaching effects on individual patients and the cultural psyche at large. It has occurred to me with forcible irony that psychiatry has quite literally lost its mind, and along with it the minds of the patients they are presumably supposed to care for. Even a cursory glance at any major psychiatric journal is enough to convince me that the field has gone far down the road into a kind of delusion, whose main tenets consist of a particularly pernicious biologic determinism and a pseudo-scientific understanding of human nature and mental illness.

The manifesto of a noncompliant mental patient

This is a beautiful piece. Please read! Submitted and authored by Aubrey Ellen Shomo I see it everywhere: People with mental illness need medication. It sounds reasonable. Today, there are even political organizations that seek to make it easy to force a person to take it. It's easy to look at another and assume things... Continue Reading →

Dear family and friends

I wrote this to my family and friends yesterday, many of whom know very little about what is going on with me. Dear family and friends, Some of you know some of this and some of you don't. I have reached a point in my detox where I cannot go on without professional care. I've... Continue Reading →

NAMI parent’s false hope: blindly disabling children for life — by Ty Colbert PhD

This is an old article that was reprinted...we know now that 75% of NAMI funding comes from pharma. By Ty Colbert Ph.D with his permission to reprint. This is copyrighted material. A critical but profoundly compassionate look at NAMI families. NAMI PARENTS’ FALSE HOPE Blindly Disabling Children for Life* NAMI, or the National Alliance for... Continue Reading →

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