Lamictal (lamotrigine) completely ineffective

Can anyone say, "It's generic now." The Last Psychiatrist makes explicit once again what has also been brought up by CLPsych before. Lamictal is a useless and, well, we here on this blog we know it's a dangerous drug in withdrawal too. An excerpt from Last Psychiatrist: In fact, there were already three negative studies... Continue Reading →

Bipolar Disorder ‘misdiagnosed in a quarter of cases’

An excerpt from an article on Medical News Today: They found that over 25% of the patients with bipolar disorder had initially had their condition misdiagnosed as unipolar depression. Misdiagnosis often occurs because the symptoms of bipolar disorder overlap with depression and other psychiatric disorders. However, misdiagnosis can cause serious problems. For example, if people... Continue Reading →

The Wind Never Lies — recovery from bipolar

Steven Morgan has now contributed to this website a number of times. His writing is all inspired and I'm always grateful when he allows me to publish a piece of his. This piece I solicited recently. It is my favorite piece of work he's granted me the right to publish. It's something he's worked on... Continue Reading →

My “Manic Episodes” and the Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder in General

This is a very old post. See date of March 25, 2007. Google just indexed it for the first time apparently so some of you are getting it in feeds and subscriptions etc. I don't think quite the same about some of what I'm talking about in this post anymore. Mostly I just don't think... Continue Reading →

A Few Helpful and Inspiring Links

As I am indeed, not up to writing--as I predicted in a post a couple of days ago I will present to you some interesting stories of recovery. They should give you plenty to read and be in keeping with what I'm sharing with you on this blog. I discovered Safe Harbor a website dedicated... Continue Reading →

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