A Few Helpful and Inspiring Links

As I am indeed, not up to writing–as I predicted in a post a couple of days ago I will present to you some interesting stories of recovery. They should give you plenty to read and be in keeping with what I’m sharing with you on this blog.

I discovered Safe Harbor a website dedicated to Alternative Mental Health Care. There are a number of inspiring stories of recovery from bipolar disorder as well as other mental health problems, mostly affirming what I’ve been saying about nutrition and lifestyle changes being at the root of recovery. Lots of articles on using natural means of recovery as well. I don’t endorse any of this stuff–we’re all so individual, but it may get some thinking juices flowing. I think getting some professional guidance is probably important once you get into the realm of supplements. Diet–well, you can change that on your own. And I do, again without hesitation, recommend high quality Omega 3 fish oil. It can only be good for you.

Another story of recovery from multiple drug use and diagnosis gone awry is here. I have corresponded with this woman through one of my withdrawal groups. She is quite inspiring.

And…I’m smoke free one day! Since I’ve announced it on my blog I’m more motivated, in spite of having a really bad day yesterday! Thanks for being my witnesses.

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