Clozaril — trying to rear it’s ugly head again

The news has been all over about a Finnish study that suggests Clozaril is a safer drug. The generic story in Reuters here. Critical commentary by Philip Dawdy at Furious Seasons here. (no longer on the net, copied below) July 13, 2009 Finnish Researcher Claims Clozaril Safer Than Other Antipsychotics By Philip Dawdy A study is... Continue Reading →

No fixing “chemical imbalance”….

This video is excerpted from a full length documentary entitled "The Truth about 'Schizophrenia': Loren Mosher & Bob Whitaker visit Zuzu's Place." Loren Mosher was the first Chief of Schizophrenia Studies at NIMH and the founder of Soteria House, the wonderful residential treatment center where drugs were not used for psychotic individuals and there was... Continue Reading →

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