No fixing “chemical imbalance”….

This video is excerpted from a full length documentary entitled “The Truth about ‘Schizophrenia’: Loren Mosher & Bob Whitaker visit Zuzu’s Place.

Loren Mosher was the first Chief of Schizophrenia Studies at NIMH and the founder of Soteria House, the wonderful residential treatment center where drugs were not used for psychotic individuals and there was a high rate of recovery.

Robert Whitaker, who is doing most of the speaking, is a journalist and the author of the book,  Mad In America: Bad Science, Bad Medicine, and The Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill, which I’ve mentioned many times on this blog. It’s a must read.

Robert Whitaker is also currently writing a book on how drugs have been the biggest driving force in the massive increase of disability and debilitation among people on psychotropic drugs in the last 20 years—as drug use has gone up so has disability. I’ve been interviewed for this book and am very excited to read it. Should be out in the next year or so.

This video shows the men talking about the history of and then the fallacy of the chemical imbalance theory in around 2003.

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8 thoughts on “No fixing “chemical imbalance”….

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  1. The psychiatry and psychology depts. that I have been involved with took a person who was overwhelmed by four deaths loss of my husbands job and turned it into bipolar and schitoprenic diagnosis. schitzoaffective disorder. All I needed was a week of peace and xanax to try and calm down no they put me on psychotropic drugs. Then another death transpired in the family and I was going over the edge with a job family responsibilities etc a young son and my husband trying to support a family of three on six dollars an hour job. I was sitting in my living room watching tv the phone rang and it was a pharmacy said why did i not pick up my psychotropic drugs at the pharmacy i knew nothing about that pharmacy or why or who had a prescription waiting for me my husband said the doctors wanted me to go to social security to apply I went prior to this event and the police came to my door and handcuffed me and took me to a psche ward and put me on respiradal. I had done nothing. I have been in a trap ever since. Never go to a psychiatric hospital for help they only want to make you a b ipolar or schitzophrenic diagnosis when you are not they just want to sell their drugs. read social security description of a mental health disability which i cannnot get off of i have tried. the government is in on it. Large contributions by the medical community to congressmen beleive me its all true

  2. Thanks for the clip and I hope you are feeling better.

    The key word for me is fraud. Many of these doctors, therapists and drug companies are running a con game that is making lives worse. It is very unfortunate that all this pain needs to be caused.

    However, greed at the expense of others always finds a way to bite you in the arse. Look at the banking and auto industries. At one point they thought they were untouchable, but poor practices did them in.

    If the pharma continue on this path they will fall.

  3. Thank you for this excellent clip. You are doing a great service to us by finding these excellent pieces of information.

    The man in the interview is good at describing what the drug companies are doing. As I see it, initially the chemical imbalance hypothesis made sense. However, after some years of testing, it was found to be inadequate. But, the drug companies did not want to back off. They developed something that did not work, but would sell. The chemical imbalance hypothesis is easy to understand, and it makes people believe that the doctors know what is going on.

    I explored the chemical hypothesis a few years ago. I wrote an article on my website that explains it and some other ideas that may be used in the future for new drugs. I developed drawings to illustrate the chemistry. If you want more real understanding of what may be going on in your head, read my article.
    Jim S

  4. The truth is that most things are hypothesis. In mental illness. Unfortunaetly it is presented to the public as fact. And to an amazing degree the public buy it. From what I have read some parts of psychiatry are humble and admit that there is really alot to be learned and they are only scratching the surface. The drug companys on the other hand are not so humble and honest. Thanks for the video.

  5. Hi there, Gianna. I’m playing holiday gift-giver and would like to let you know that you are the recipient of one of the inaugural “A Hoy” awards for the hope and wonder of your blog. You may already know the basics. But feel free to post the award to your blog and then you can choose at least two blogs you’d like for the award as well. Congratulations and enjoy. Tracy.

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