Sweet potato falafel over salad greens #foodie friday

This is an old recipe I created (with some inspiration for others)  before I knew about my histamine intolerance so it's not good for anyone who is dealing with that issue! Some of the spices, the lemon, and the kefir (or yogurt) are all problematic if you have a histamine intolerance. I just looked for... Continue Reading →

Socca — flatbread made with chick-pea flour. Grain/gluten free. #foodie friday

I made socca (chickpea flour flatbread) it came out great. I was so excited as I eat nothing even vaguely bread-like these days. I made half of it with tomato and basil (for my husband....drizzled olive oil on top). This is a recipe that lends itself to variations. You can make it plain with no herbs or onion, or vary the herbs and use garlic instead. Caraway seed would be good too and I'm sure many other variations too. Oh, I can't eat cinnamon, but I can imagine a sweet version with cinnamon and vanilla and a bit of your favorite sweetener as well. Play with the recipe...I plan to! … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Soba noodles with bok choy, hemp seeds, ghee and garlic #foodie friday

This is a recipe for ONE serving. It's an easy recipe and doesn't take long at all. Double, triple, quadruple it as needed. 1.5 oz dry Soba 100% Buckwheat Wheat Free (this is the only brand I can eat as it's free of regular wheat -- buck wheat has no relationship to wheat so it's... Continue Reading →

Cinnamon and spice meatballs (over chard) #foodie friday

This was the first time I made meatballs. They are not what people would consider traditional meatballs. As an Italian American who grew up eating food cooked by my Italian father, I also happen to know that meatballs and spaghetti is an American phenomena, not Italian.  These turned out very well and I think it's... Continue Reading →

Holiday meal for two… #foodie friday

Thought I'd share our Christmas day meal since it was quite lovely and delicious as well as rather simple to prepare. A good whole food meal (paleo) that is delicious too. Making a meal this lovely for two didn't really take all that much time. It was all very simple. ●  Leg of lamb slathered... Continue Reading →

Coconut lemon chicken #foodie friday

This recipe was inspired by a recipe a friend emailed to me. It's right here. The blog it comes from suggests several possible variations. Generally when I get an idea I look up on google and enter the main ingredients of a dish and then I look at 4 or 5 or 6 recipes to... Continue Reading →

Liver and onions (gourmet style) — #foodie Friday

I've been eating lots of organ meats from grass-fed animals to get my B vitamins. I've never been a fan of beef liver but I'm finally getting liver right so that I actually enjoy it when I eat it. Here is a recipe.

Roasted brussels sprouts ( #foodie Friday)

Easy, quick and delicious! People seem to love or hate brussels sprouts, though this recipe may change the minds of even those who never liked them before.

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