Holiday meal for two… #foodie friday

Thought I’d share our Christmas day meal since it was quite lovely and delicious as well as rather simple to prepare. A good whole food meal (paleo) that is delicious too.

Christmas meal for two
Christmas meal for two

Making a meal this lovely for two didn’t really take all that much time. It was all very simple.

●  Leg of lamb slathered in fresh rosemary from the yard, minced garlic, salt and pepper…roasted until medium rare. (20 minutes a lb at 325 degrees)

●  Sweet potatoes roasted with the lamb and tossed in the meat juices. This particular lamb was so lean I had to add some ghee to the potatoes. I think the lamb was so lovely and lean because it grazes on the mountain grass right here a few miles from my home. No factory farming means lean natural lovely meat.

●  Mixed cooked greens. kale, spinach, and cabbage tossed with chopped dried apricot and walnuts. Topped and tossed with olive oil.

Eating wholesome whole read food is important for body/mind/spirit health and well-being. I’ve written a lot about my adventure with diet and healing here:  Nutrition and gut health, Mental health and diet

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Note: In our society today whether people eat animal products or not is a hot issue. I would prefer not to eat meat but have found I must. I’ve also found that I’m intolerant of dairy and eggs, so that leaves only meat and fish. I have found others like me in my community with similar physical ailments who have found that animal products are essential to healing. I’ve experimented heavily with purely vegetarian methods of nourishing myself without meat since I deeply value the lives of animals and have failed. This choice does not come without pain. I’m always happy for those who find they can thrive without animal products and I certainly don’t begrudge those who can. I hope someday to regain enough health that I might be able to once again carefully tweak most if not all of the meat out of my diet. I write explicitly about this issue because we are all different and people need to find what works for both their body and their spirit together. Sometimes the needs of the body and the needs of the spirit seem to conflict. Such is life. Never simple. I take comfort in the fact that all of nature eats itself and I’m blessed with a consciousness that can recognize that I am part of this web of life, complicated and lovely as it is.

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