Irresponsible therapy as sorcery

Sorcery - the Seven Arts (Salvador Dali, 1957) You may find it remarkable that I am classifying therapists with sorcerers.  There is a fine line between the Healer who heals and the one who, due to ignorance, may cause harm.  In working with patients, I have found that archaic language and images are the best... Continue Reading →


Again, this means that you can’t manipulate or talk someone into self-actualizing, you cannot plant the idea to do it in someone else’s head [inception], even if you have decided (out of love, paternalism, condescension, or compassion) that it would be “for their own good.”]

Diagnosis as a Naming Ceremony

Our modern society likes to draw a sharp dividing line between “religion” and “science.”  Religion is the stuff of ritual and superstition, while science is a beautiful man-made structure built entirely of FACTS.  Objective.  Proven. I don’t think it works like that.  Faith is an integral part of life – even in the presence of... Continue Reading →

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