Irresponsible therapy as sorcery

Sorcery – the Seven Arts (Salvador Dali, 1957)

You may find it remarkable that I am classifying therapists with sorcerers.  There is a fine line between the Healer who heals and the one who, due to ignorance, may cause harm.  In working with patients, I have found that archaic language and images are the best means of relating to the spirit or the unconscious.  Referring to an ignorant therapist as a “practitioner of iatrogenic illness” would evoke little feeling in the patient and there would be no affective connection to the healer/therapist.  Therefore, I use the word sorcerer in order to make the point about the seriousness of some of the actions taken by therapists towards patients.  This affective connection is crucial to the task of allowing the soul to open to the process of healing.

– Eduardo Duran, Healing the Soul Wound

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