Something to try for insomnia…

This has helped me with my post-withdrawal induced insomnia. It takes people many months and sometimes years to regain a natural sleep cycle after discontinuing psychiatric medications. This is a non-invasive and safe thing to try. This is a post I shared on some of the benzo boards. I found out that others on the […]

Natural sleep or soothing remedies

ALL OF THESE SUPPLEMENTS BECOME INCREASINGLY MORE RISKY TO ADD TO A REGIME of care as one gets deeper into withdrawal. Many people on benzos have all sorts of adverse reactions to things no one else would. This stuff is great if one wants to avoid benzos to begin with!  But should only be taken […]

Atypical antipsychotics: too hard a sell? Let’s hope so!!

As some of you may know the FDA is reviewing the use of Seroquel for all sorts of stuff at the bequest of AstraZeneca. I’ve covered it a bit here but many others have done a better job. Look here at Furious Seasons for good background info. Here is the latest tid-bit from the LA […]

No wake zone

My friend Val from Incurable called attention to this article from Utne Reader about sleep. An excerpt is here: It turns out, though, that for well over a century we’ve been insulting our natural wake-sleep cycle by expecting to fall asleep precisely at 10 or 11 p.m., sleep solidly the entire night, and wake promptly […]

The latest drama (I’d like to be laughing, but I’m not)

Time for a post. Want to keep up the momentum. Maybe that is good—that I even care, because really I feel like shit. I moved into the cottage. It was a total fiasco from day one, but seems to have sorted itself out now. I even slept for the first time in a week last […]