Lamictal XR approved—GSK doing dances now that it’s blockbuster that went generic has been revamped

From FiercePharma: GlaxosmithKline's Lamictal XR--an extended release version of its off-patent Lamictal--has been approved as an add-on therapy for patients 13 years and older with partial seizures. In a 19-week study, Lamictal significantly reduced frequency of seizures compared with the placebo. The drug will be available this summer, the company said in a statement. GSK... Continue Reading →

I’m learning to fly

I'm optimistic and feeling consistently healthier even after a whopping 35% cut in Lamictal in a two week time period. I'm down to 125 mg from a high of 400 mg. This song makes me think of the life ahead of me. Full of promise and hope but not completely without trepidation.

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