I shared at a NAMI meeting last night

I went to a NAMI meeting tonight and my story came out (the guest speaker knew who I was and asked me to introduce myself -- as the author of Beyond Meds -- being the subject of the meeting was psych drug withdrawal) Telling my story in a NAMI gathering was a rather intense and scary thing. I would not have chosen to expose myself that way, but given that it happened it was very interesting. Those folks don’t want to hear my story. (at least the ones that were vocal) It seems to be very threatening to them. I told them that their story is valid and so is mine. Not either/or, but both can be true. That idea seems to make people’s head explode and people on both sides of the divide don’t like hearing that actually. Which is interesting in general. What I personally didn’t like about being in that position was that this group of people project all their terror -- I must be wrong. I must be mentally ill -- I left feeling empowered but I was also shaking. Visibly. So yeah, that was a trip … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Wow. Keris Jan Myrick elected president of NAMI

This is a massive change in leadership. I won't go into what it might mean right now. You all can think about the implications for yourselves. Let's just say Keris Jan Myrick is a woman who knows something about self-empowerment and healing and could not have been elected without some sort of crack in the foundation of... Continue Reading →

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