Free webinar: emotional CPR

Person-centered planning requires a system-wide shift in communication, as well as adaptation of recovery-oriented, trauma-informed values. This webinar will provide administrators, managers, and providers of mental health services with essential communication tools needed to transform their systems to being recovery-based and empowerment focused. Presenters will share about the components of Emotional CPR (eCPR), a public health education program developed by people with lived experience of mental health recovery. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Important souls (let us recognize trauma in the lives of those who are called mentally ill)

When we start listening to people’s stories of pain rather than numbing them out and effectively silencing them with neurotoxic drugs we will start healing them. Until then people will remain broken. One of the most basic needs for a wounded human being to heal is to be seen. Recognized. Validated. Yes. … [click title for link]

If you’re in Boston–Dan Fisher psychiatric survivor and MD is speaking

You're invited to come. And please pass this on to people you know who might like to learn more about recovery and and peer-led crisis respite programs. We are working to try to get a program started in Massachusetts. Daniel Fisher will speak at the Boston Public Library --Free and open to the public Daniel... Continue Reading →

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