There are people who know a different way. Seek them out.

There is an insistence on calling certain phenomena of the psyche mental illness, in spite of the fact that when attended to properly the journey out of confusion can be deeply and positively transformative and healing. This is the tragedy...this call to deep, positive transformation raises terror in far too many people and so those... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Brain: broad recognition that “mental illness” is not what we’ve been told for the last 20 yrs

Yes, slowly but surely there begins a recognition that what gets called mental illness cannot be explained with the bio-medical model. From The Wilson Quarterly an article well worth reading with the recent history of how that which is called mental illness is considered in society and how that is changing since the psychopharmacological era has... Continue Reading →

Introduction to the Shamanic Journey

A lovely demystification of the shamanic experience from Sounds True. Enjoy. The popularity of shamanism has increased dramatically over the last few decades, but there is still much confusion about just what shamanism is and how it might be relevant to those in the modern world. Sandra Ingerman has emerged as a teacher with a special gift... Continue Reading →

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