There are people who know a different way. Seek them out.

treeThere is an insistence on calling certain phenomena of the psyche mental illness, in spite of the fact that when attended to properly the journey out of confusion can be deeply and positively transformative and healing. This is the tragedy…this call to deep, positive transformation raises terror in far too many people and so those who are called to heal are maligned and named SICK. The subsequent treatment by the medical establishment can often keep people in permanent distress. There are people who know a different way. Seek them out.

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Some places to start finding other ways to understand your or your loved ones experiences:

●  Links to articles that look at the Shamanic-like nature of consciousness

●  Spiritual emergency: one way of interpreting activity of the psyche that is often labeled psychotic

●  Reframe your experience (a category in the post section with empowering ways to look at your troubles)

●  Open Dialogue: Alternative Care for Psychosis

●  Trauma and PTSD info — Trauma is very commonly in the history of those who’ve been labeled with mental illnesses. It generally goes unrecognized and unappreciated.

●  Nutrition and gut health–Mental health and diet

●  The foundation of healing mental distress  —  the PRACTICE of embracing everything and also about reframing ones experience…sometimes we think something is bad but upon reconsideration and reframing we find that it’s actually good or at the very least instructive…our original perception is a result of conditioning which we can ultimately shed…and must shed in order to individuate and grow up.

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