Another Way: peer recovery program in Vermont, featured on NPR

Another Way is a community center by and for psychiatric survivors in Montpelier, Vermont. NPR recently came to Vermont and featured us in a small segment. They were covering the impact of Tropical Storm Irene, which last year knocked out the state hospital. The good news: in the process of trying to replace the hospital, the Vermont legislature and the Department of Mental Health wove together a bill that's actually quite progressive, and includes such jawdroppers as: "The commissioner of mental health shall coordinate a geographically diverse system and continuum of mental health care throughout the state that shall include at least the following: (3) alternative treatment options for individuals seeking to avoid or reduce reliance on medications." Part of the mix is a million dollars for a Soteria-Vermont, and another million dollars for peer support services. Another Way will be one of many recipients of some of the new money.

Caty’s story of recovery and empowerment through peer support at the Freedom Center

An original piece by Caty with her permission to reprint: I remember therapy. I remember the array of their tasteful, decorative little offices, all the little tchotchkes that were supposed to demarcate the small variations among their bourgeois personalities. Were they a sensitive New Age therapist was the office bedecked in fuchsia quilts and crystal... Continue Reading →

Consumer run crisis facilities MORE successful than psych hospitals

Unlocked facilities run by us crazy folk have better outcomes for people in crisis! I actually think I covered this story a while back with a different article but it's worth repeating. This makes me think of all the success Jayme is having at the Peer Wellness Center in Georgia. Jayme is the director and... Continue Reading →

How I deal with mental breakdowns

This piece is written by my dear friend Jayme, at Rayne's World. I have been linking to this piece for over a year and a half. I link to it in comments on other blogs and I repeatedly reference it here on this blog. It's linked to on my about page as a story of... Continue Reading →

Drug-Free Prevention Of Postnatal Depression

From Medical News Today: A heart-to-heart chat with a peer has proven an effective way to prevent postnatal depression in high risk women, cutting the risk of depression by 50%, according to a University of Toronto nursing study published in BMJ Online. (continue here) What a novel idea. Talking to and supporting people in distress... Continue Reading →

Ask for alternatives

You have six more days to e-mail to USA National Institute of Mental Health about their "Strategic Plan." NEEDED: Voices for Choices in Mental Health! Why you ought to call on NIMH for research on more CHOICES in mental health system other than drugs, drugs, and more drugs. One of the biggest funders of research... Continue Reading →

New Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal Guide

Harm Reduction Guide To Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs & Withdrawal (update newly revised edition) The Icarus Project and the Freedom Center has come out with a guide called, "Harm Reduction Guide to Coming off Psychiatric Drugs." It is a 41 page PDF file. I printed it out last night and read it. It's a good place... Continue Reading →

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