Ask for alternatives

You have six more days to e-mail to USA National Institute of Mental Health about their “Strategic Plan.”

NEEDED: Voices for Choices in Mental Health!

Why you ought to call on NIMH for research on more CHOICES in mental health system other than drugs, drugs, and more drugs.

One of the biggest funders of research in the mental health field is the USA National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

NIMH is requesting public comment, which you can e-mail to them, about a draft of their “Strategic Plan” about NIMH research goals over the next three to five years. Their deadline to receive e-mail comments is this Friday, 21 December, 2007.

The link to the current draft of the plan:

NIMH Draft Strategic Plan

E-mail to:

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  1. Denise thanks for the paper….I’ve seen it and wish I could cut and paste it into my blog. Can’t do that with PDFs. But I will again take a closer look at it. Not sure I’ve read the whole thing. I’m glad you reminded me of it.

    Robert Whitaker rocks.

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