Off-label marketing: the competition for “biggest corporate fine” gets juicy

It is so important to admit when you're wrong.  So here goes... When I wrote that Astra-Zeneca paid the biggest corporate fine in American history ($520 million) for the off-label marketing of Seroquel, an atypical antipsychotic [I wrote that here]; I was wrong. (NOTE: off-label marketing is the promotion of a drug - whether amongst patients, doctors, or other... Continue Reading →

New advertising for antipsychotics forecasts another change in the language

The Internet wants me to take drugs. I know this, because nearly every site I visit subtly whispers things like “Seroquel…” “Abilify…”  “Adderall, for adult ADHD…” to me from the sidebars.  It shows me pictures of a perfect life, happy smiling people trendily going about their business as “productive members of society” – everything, in... Continue Reading →

United States of Alienation…and some more pharma news

Another piece from War in Context that bears viewing: Mental health in the United States of Alienation -- War in Context (there is an)... assumption that it is easier and cheaper to physically or chemically restrain this society’s most troubled members than it would be to create the conditions in which their minds might heal....... Continue Reading →

Orgasm Inc.

Pretty sure I've mentioned this movie before, but it's still not been released so it's worth calling attention to it again. This is a great intro to how pharma works for people who are not otherwise affected by its deviousness. This film documents what is an attempt to make EVERY woman feel like she is... Continue Reading →

Beyond Meds and Beyond the Dosies

Spit, Bristle and Fury posted commentary on the Dosie's and the post I published about them yesterday: Gianna Kali’s always informative and often pharma-critical blog, Beyond Meds was up for a Dosie — a new award “created to find the best examples of social media in pharma and healthcare.” Out of the 550 nominees, not surprisingly,... Continue Reading →

Doug Bremner on Fox News about docs who are paid by pharma

For video click here. This is an excerpt from the accompanying text: Emory's Dr. Bremner said he thought paying doctors to speak for drug makers was a bad idea. Bremner said he used to do it, until he got a wakeup call about six years ago. "I was going out to give a talk and... Continue Reading →

Critique of our drug culture

Some excerpts from a piece off the Huffington Post by Francesca  Biller-Safron It's difficult to remember when the slightly abnormal and "normal" physical and mental characteristics began hysterically calling for immediate medications in order to stop, start, maintain or prevent anything from happening at all, with some side effects worse than the diagnoses itself.... ...There... Continue Reading →

Pharmaceutical advertising affects journal publication about dietary supplements

Do your own interpretation of this. Here is the abstract of the study: Background Advertising affects consumer and prescriber behaviors. The relationship between pharmaceutical advertising and journals' publication of articles regarding dietary supplements (DS) is unknown. Methods We reviewed one year of the issues of 11 major medical journals for advertising and content about DS.... Continue Reading →

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